Diana Sanchez is an actress and model, whose clients include Panera, CVS and Staples just to name a few. Most recently she has moved to LA and booked Scratch, a comedic pilot produced by Flavor UnitShe's also featured as Yamilette in the webseries, The Pineapple Diaries (Youtube).  

Sanchez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and moved to Boston, MA with her family at a young age. As a natural athlete, she gravitated towards movement techniques, specifically Suzuki while studying Theater at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She believes acting is more than just the lines it's using your whole body in order to embody each character. She continues her training through Alexander Technique with Karen Braga (NYC).


Yoga. Smoothies. Salsa Dancing. 

And the way it smells right before a rain storm. 

Diana (dee-AH-na) noun

1. An ebullient and dynamic leading lady with a touch of mystery.

2. Avocado lover. 

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